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Lies about Christmas 2009

sunnuntai, tammikuu 20th, 2013

A silly, untrue comic about my lovely Christmas in Hungary.

Aion maalata seiniä / Going to paint some walls

sunnuntai, joulukuu 16th, 2012

n. refud 2

tiistai, marraskuu 20th, 2012





tiistai, lokakuu 9th, 2012


tiistai, elokuu 28th, 2012

1 – I met my student exchange for the first time since the exchange.
2 – I summed up my last 3 years while drinking a beer with lime syrup in it. / I ran out of things to say in 15 minutes.

1 – In a foreign place I feel more and more unfinished.
2 – It feels like I haven’t moved forward at all.

1 – At least the blisters on my feet prove otherwise. / ”Need better shoes.”